Events in the City

Plan your stay in Rome around one of the many incredible events. From the exciting Carnival celebration and sacred holy days to amazing art and prestigious film festivals, there is something to satisfy every interest.

Festa della Befana (Epiphany Day)

(Jan. 6)

This annual Italian tradition commemorates the day the Three Kings arrived to honor the Baby Jesus. The day includes an array of events, as well as a mass.

Natale de Roma

(April 21)

According to legend, the Eternal City was founded by Romulus on April 21 in 753 BC. Today, a series of events are held to commemorate his birthday, including festivals, concerts, parades & historical reenactments.

Festival del Verde (Garden Festival)

(May 5-7)

The city’s annual garden festival features incredible displays of colorful plants & flowers at the Parco della Musica (Music Complex) in North Rome.

Cortili Aperti (Open Courtyards)


Want to see Rome’s dimore storiche (historic homes)? Normally private residences, this event includes guided tours of these villas, castles & palaces.



This annual wine festival features over top labels from over 500 producers, as well as pop-up restaurants helmed by Michelin-starred chefs.

Estate Romane (Summer Festival)


The Summer Festival includes an outdoor cinema on Isola Tiberina, restaurant & bar specials along the Tiber River, outdoor operas, ballets & more.

Taste of Roma


This delicious gastronomic festival features the best cuisine from Rome’s top chefs & famous food/drink personalities.

Rome Film Fest


This premier event includes film screenings, retrospectives & panels with Italian & international celebrities.

Piazza Navona Christmas Market

(Dec. 1 - Jan 6)

During the holidays, Piazza Navone transforms into a festive wonderland, with food, vendors & a whimsical carousel for all ages to enjoy.